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Patrons: Dame Emma Kirkby and Sir David Willcocks

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About joining Somerset Chamber Choir

Your questions answered:

Where and when does Somerset Chamber Choir rehearse?

Generally six weekends a year, Saturday and Sunday 10am until 5pm at Hambridge Village Hall (see map on right), plus rehearsals on the day of performance at either Kings College, Taunton or Wells Cathedral.
Check the
rehearsal schedule here


Do I have to come to every rehearsal?

We encourage everybody to attend every rehearsal, but with the conductor’s permission it is possible to miss occasional rehearsals and still take part in concerts. The day prior to a concert is compulsory, however, and for Wells Cathedral concerts these happen on a Friday.


What opportunities for socialising are there?

Rehearsal weekends may be pretty intensive, but they are also very good fun; there is at least one organised pub lunch per weekend, plus a good number of coffee breaks (and yes, you will eventually be expected to take your turn on the coffee-making rota!). Other opportunities include walks, evening pub meals and occasional barn dances or skittles evenings.


How much does it cost?

There is a yearly subscription charge of £85, with a special reduced rate of £45 for students. Reduced rates may also be available to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to join the choir.


Do I have to be able to read music?

Although not essential, it is highly desirable. Most members of the choir can read music and have previous experience of choral singing, although recordings of works are available. All singers are expected to practice between rehearsals.


Do I have to provide my own music?

No, the choir librarian provides the music.


What is the audition like?

You will have a short, informal audition with the conductor at the end of the first day of rehearsals. There is no need to prepare any music, but you may be asked to sing extracts from the pieces rehearsed during the day and also some scales or vocal exercises. If successful at audition, you will be invited  to join the choir.


I’d like to join Somerset Chamber Choir. What should I do now?

Visit the how to join page and fill out the online application form - the choir will then get in touch with you!

Location of rehearsal venue:
Hambridge Village Hall, TA10 0AZ
Location of rehearsal venue:
Hambridge Village Hall, TA10 0AZ

The choir....was magnificent, producing a rich and well-balanced soundWELLS JOURNAL

Somerset Chamber Choir includes a number of singers who study or have studied music at Music College or University. Many of these are active in the music profession as performers, teachers and administrators.


At present the Choir includes people working in radio and television, for a concert agency, in arts administration and a number who perform regularly in a professional or semi-professional context.


Several Choir members who joined whilst still at school have used their experience gained within the Choir to further their education, including a Choral Scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge.

Just who is an SCC member?
Just who is an SCC member?